The tweeners!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017  We did some halter training earer this week and got the 4 “tweener” boys set up in their new suite next to the bachelor boys. Even tiny little Grenada was moved over because recently he started playing with the other little boys and seem to enjoy their company more than his mothers. There was a bit of whining, but there’s also some premier grazing grass in their new area and that provided a nice distraction. They’re all doing fine now. Except of course tiny little Grenada squeezed himself through the fencing and went back to spend the night with his mom. lol Once we return from our next trip I will see if he doesn’t enjoy being with the guys again. For now, everyone seems content. 🙂

Photo of the day:  The Tweeners!Silver Lake meets his son Luxie through the fence. 

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