A very special kitty!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017  Our kitty Friday just keeps me laughing. He seems to have personality bubbling out all over. It could be that he’s the only boy cat I’ve ever had but he sure is entertaining. He has decided that he should have a ride from the haybarn to the girls’ barn every single day on top of the sled.  He watches for me to load the hay and promptly takes his position.  He stays on using his little claws no matter how bumpy the ride gets and he won’t get off until we are in the barn. Then he hops off and I swear I think he smiles. Happy Wednesday!

Photo of the day: Ready to roll mom!A little to the right please!That snow sure looks cold.
We made it! Thanks for the ride. ūüôā I’ll get off as soon as you pull it inside.

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