What a winter!

Thursday, January 12, 2017  More snow today!?!  Where will we put it?  I got several emails from people concerned for the animals. Just so you know, the animals are all great. It’s the two old people who traverse between the barns and the house that you should be concerned about. LOL. Oh not to worry, we’ll be OK too, but a little break in the snowfall would be much appreciated! How much snow? Well, yesterday as I was trying to move two bales of hay through deep snow I looked and noticed that the snow was about the level of my navel. Now that is some deep snow. It looks like we’ll get a break over the weekend and my plan is to store a few emergency bales in the girls’ barn for days like yesterday when it takes such effort to move hay from the hay barn. The trick will be to find a spot where they can’t find it and eat it! Happy Thursday!

Photo of the day:  I always thought a windbreak would be nice here. Thanks for taking care of that mother nature.Friday hitched a ride on the hay sled.Garbo prefers the Kubota.But the alpacas got their hay and all is well inside the barn. 🙂

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