I’ll call this too cold!

Friday, January 6, 2017  I often check the alpaca cam during the day because it has a more close-up view than looking out my window. I got a little concerned yesterday when I checked and there was not one alpaca in sight anywhere! It’s rare that they all go inside the barn but that is what happened as the temps dropped.  Smart pacas. I will tell you that chores were almost painful for me as I walked between the barns and hay barns. Our thermometer reads -24° this morning. ouch!  But all critters were nicely tucked in with warm water, extra food and the barn floor radiating heat as I came into the house last night. I will be very glad to see temps rise after today! Happy Friday!

Photo of the day:  The kittens have well-insulated kitty caves too. (stuffed with alpaca fiber of course!)

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