Friday, December 30, 2016  Well my “random thoughts for today” post has little to do with alpacas, but a lot to do with good health. I am a big fan of kefir! I drink it, all 7 of our dogs get it every day, the kittens get some, and I have even fed it to an alpaca once or twice. (I’m convinced it helped our Bodhi dog recover from cancer) Click the link to find out exactly What is kefir?   I like to think of good vs evil going on inside a body.  The bad guys, germs, viruses etc. get in because such is life, and the good guys (probiotics like kefir) need to outnumber the bad guys to win. I ordered my kefir grains many years ago from Cultured Food life. and I’ve kept them growing and multiplying happily ever since. I’ve shared my kefir with many many people – these kefir grain are even growing in Laos! But they do need attention. I think of my kefir grains as another animal I need to feed each day. There is a way to rest them for a few days, but honestly, they do best when fed daily. So do some research, and if you want to try some kefir grains, I’m happy to share. Here is what I ask: that you commit to feed them daily and that you freely give away your excess.  Because they will multiply!  One more thing – picking up kefir grains does not include a ranch tour. heehee   I have plenty of kefir but not plenty of free time. 🙂  Happy Thursday!

Photos of the day: Straining the kefir grains out of the kefir and getting ready to make more.After straining you can see the kefir grains in the strainerA jar of ready to drink Kefir! Yum!My beverage this morning.  It’s creamy, slightly effervescent, slightly tart and sometimes I add a splash of maple syrup to it. 

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  1. Muriel

    Before moving to Idaho, I had access to goats milk for my kefir. But now, I don’t and have not been making it. I miss it very much. What do you use as the liquid in your?

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