We’re back!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016   We are home! Exhausted from days traveling without sleep but home and happy to be here. I downloaded almost 500 photos and will be looking at them over the next few days and will share some if you’d like to see what we did in Laos. A huge thanks to our ranch sitter and her hubby for taking such good care of everyone (including a bottle-fed baby!) when we were away. We couldn’t do it without them and we are more and more grateful for them every time we take off. We will take a few days to recover from travel and then will be back in action. Happy Wednesday!

Photo of the day:  The family rode elephants across the Mekong River! elephant-cross-riverAnd we all made it. Please note – no handles, just bareback on the sweet beasts. I did just a teeny bit of screaming. lol  The guides were holding on to the grandkids behind their parents.

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