A change in the weather ☔️

Thursday, September 22, 2016  It’s raining with snow in the forecast for tomorrow!  Whooo-hooo!  Seriously, our ground is parched so the moisture is welcome and the snow on Friday if it comes will make our awesome assortment of alpaca hats and gloves looks even more appealing this weekend. The first snow always makes me want to get out my knitting needles too. The forecast for the weekend looks cool but dry, so we’ll be ready for visitors!  A huge thanks to Meggan who came yesterday and labelled yarn, arranged new items in the store and even scooped all the poop in the pastures.  I owe you, my friend! Happy Thursday!

Photo of the day: One of our new yarn bowls is the perfect relaxing spot for our new stuffed alpacas. (both for sale this weekend)yarn-bowl-7


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