All in a day’s work

Friday, August 5, 2016  No new babies yet. We have a private tour scheduled today for 10 people – I wonder if they’ll get to see a birth? We’re also getting things ready for our Open Barn event on Saturday and I guess it’s true we could have a birth then as well. Oh my. Or the moms could decide to wait until next week. I was watching Madeline’s baby do a samba inside her last night. 🙂  In other news, the LGDs (livestock guardian dogs) have had a busy time keeping the herd safe this week. Chief  has ‘eliminated’ a large badger and a rock chuck while the “sister wives” Abby and Charlotte cheered him on. The girls have been barking a lot at night as well keeping who knows what away. I’m grateful they do such a good job. 🙂  Happy Friday!

Photo of the day: Chief needs his nap after a very busy week.chief-aug5

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