Baby fleeces

Saturday, July 30, 2016  Oh those baby fleeces! I’m skirting the cria fleeces from last year babies and they are so amazingly soft but I spend hours on each one picking out bits of hay etc. That is because we don’t tip shear the babies after they are born as many farms do. Our nights are too cool and I prefer them to have as much natural insulation as possible. So I deal with the fleeces as best I can. I will tell you they are awesome this year and wait til you see what we’ll have made from them! I finished Moonshine, Austin and Boston last week.  Gallahad and James Brown are up next.  We did sell all these boys, but I got to keep the first year fleeces.   🙂

Photo of the day: Adorable baby butts lined up at the creek. Maybelline was occupied else where. 3-baby-butts

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