A Yaya day!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016   We’re finally getting into the summer swing of things here with a Yaya day with my grandson. I think it will be a regular Tuesday thing now, so if you send an email or text on a Tuesday, it might be later in the evening before I’m able get back to you. It’s a nice cool morning here, I’ll think I’ll see if I can get some breeding started for the 2017 crias. I’m considering that Blue Moon Ranch might take a one year break from breeding, out of respect for the General, but we have customers who want their girls to get pregnant so that is what I’ll concentrate on for today. Happy Wednesday!

Photo of the day: The kittens learned that little boys can be gentle. ❤️mesa.kittensWe did some fishin’ in the creek.mesa.fishinAnd even though he told me he doesn’t take naps any more, this happened! 😉mesa.napAll in all, it wa a very good day. 🙂

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