Blue Moon Birds!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016   One of the things I love about Blue Moon Rnach is all the beautiful varieties of birds that stop in for visits. It could be that I keep feeders filled all year, or the creek provding a constant water source, or maybe they just like the energy here like everyone else. 🙂 Whatever the reasons, we’re glad they’re here. Blue Heron, Sandhill cranes, flickers, woodpeckers, orioles and swallows have been abundant this year. Now we’re enjoing the nesting pairs of tree swallows and a tiny house wren family on the back deck. Life is good.

Photo of the day: The orioles make it look like a tropical paradise!orioles-2

orioles-1The tiny house wren isn’t as brilliant but it’s sweet song is so beautiful.tiny-bird-3

tiny-bird-1And our favorites, the tree swallows whose babies just hatched yesterday!happy-swallow

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