2016 babies?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016  So when are the 2016 babies coming? Well, our first babies are “due” July 4.  But if you’ve followed us for any previous birthing season you know how unreliable due dates are. So we wait and we watch and try not to go too crazy.  Zariah should be first, and I sure wouldn’t mind another baby just like Moonshine, who was born last year from the same pairing, (Zariah X General Patton). Moonshine was sold shortly after he was born and moved to his new home after shearing day. We’re ready for new babies! 

Photo of the day: Each of the four mamas with a strange character resting on her is expecting a General Patton baby! 🙂 Some mornings I just have too much fun with Photoshop.  lolvisitors

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