We will carry on

Saturday, June 18, 2016  One week ago today was shearing day and the day we lost General Patton. I shed quite a few tears that day as you might imagine. But some unexpected tears came when I saw the fleece of an up and coming young male we have here. It was like I had been given a gift and I knew I could go on. A little background: one of the most impressive alpaca males this country has ever seen was called Show Me the Money. Whenever I would purchase an alpaca I would look for that bloodline. I found it in General Patton (his maternal grandfather) and was thrilled. When we bought Miranda a few years ago it was because she was bred to …. Show me the Money! The resulting male from that breeding was Mojo! He is really amazing and I’m so glad we have this wonderful true black boy to hold up the legacy left by General Patton.

Photo of the day: Mojo!mojo-rises

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