Natural Weaning

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 Weaning is a process, not an event around here. Almost all the babies from last year have been naturally weaned by their moms. Tiny little James Brown is the last hanger-on, and that’s OK with his mom and everyone else here. The process is so gradual that sometimes it’s hard to notice, and how lovely is that? In the early days, when I listened to the “experts”, the rule was to wean at 6 months.  We had crying babies in one pasture, sad mamas in another and I thought I was doing the right thing. No more! I do monitor the body score of all the mamas to be sure none get underweight, but they’re all fine and it sure takes the stress out of the weaning process to let the mamas do it. The little boys will all be moved to their new home after shearing day so it is a very happy ending. 🙂

Photo of the day: Of course Moonshine is smiling, he gets to hang with his Mama for just a little bit longer.moonshine.andmom

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