Recycling efforts and a big baby

Thursday, April 7, 2016  Visitors are coming this morning, and this afternoon I’m driving to pick up a dog food meat order.  (chunky beef with organ meat, yum) They’ll love it, it’s good for them, so it’s what I do.  I “vacuumed” the pastures yesterday and plan to spread most of what I picked up around the bushes and shrubs that are growing around here. Alpaca beans don’t burn plants and are one of the best fertilizers ever. We compost and use almost every single bean this herd makes.  How’s that for recycling?  🙂  Happy Thursday!

Photo of the day: Gallahad looks almost as big as his mom with all his fleece and she will indulge him every once in a while with a little milk, even if he has to lie down to fit under her!big-baby

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