Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

Monday, March 7, 2016 Our weekend project involved removing lots of fencing. Years ago we noticed a bunch of little aspen trees popping up in our front lawn. One day we made the executive decision to let them grow and become what we fondly call our “forest”. But we had to protect them from munching alpacas who graze out there occasionally and of course our oversize house dogs. Fast forward and the trees have grown enough so that the fence can be removed and the dogs love their new forest playground.  The alpacas will surely love trimming the lower leaves of the trees for us once we allow them in there as well.

Photo of the day: The green fencing has all been removed. forestThe grandkids call Ed “Dimpa”  and he has a shirt to prove it. Move those fences Dimp!dimpThis morning it’s all covered in snow! march7

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