Cows ❤️

Friday, March 4, 2016  I love cows.  Even when I was a little girl growing up in the big city of Chicago, I loved cows.  There were no farms in the city, so I mostly saw cows in books or on the rare occasion when I could talk my dad into taking me to the Chicago Stockyards ( I loved that!)   Fast forward and I’m always happy to see new cattle moved onto the properties near us. Since much of the snow has melted, I had a chance to walk the fence line and talk to 2 of my new neighbors. Photo and video below. Happy Friday!

Photo of the day:  Come on, don’t you think they’re kinda cute?neighbor.cows-mar16The one on the right was definitely more talkative. 😉 Click the button on the lower right of the video to see it larger.

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