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Thursday, January 21, 2016  I think we got about a foot of new snow yesterday. Of course it’s pretty but I’ll tell ya, it made navigation around here a bit difficult for us.  Ed came home early to plow the driveway and I think we are officially out of space to pile more snow.  I did make a little video (as part of a class I’m taking) and posted it on Facebook and Instagram. It makes it look so idyllic here!  The reality is I do not sit around and spin yarn by the fire all day, lovely as that might be. Blend the video image with lots of frozen poop, trudging through the snow many times with feed and buckets of warm water,  and shoveling buried gates and you have a much more accurate picture of a typical winter day.  Happy Thursday!

Photos of the day: This is Marigold waiting out the storm yesterday. She did have a big barn to go into, but this is where she chose to stay. marigold.snowdayAnd the video…..

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