Dec 30, 2015

Wednesday, December 30, 2015  Winter can be so beautiful in Woodland. There are days where the sun is brilliant and the snow sparkles like someone tossed diamonds on it.  But those are not the days we’ve had lately.  arghhh  Snow crystals hang in the air, skies are gray and it feels colder than it actually is.  It looks like tomorrow will be the coldest day of all, which means I’ll be outside in it more often than I’d like to be.  Alpaca socks and boot liners keep my feet warm, my alpaca hat keeps my head warm. My hands are freezing after  half an hour because I wear leather gloves rather than the the alpaca mittens and gloves I have because I don’t want them all covered in hay. But it’s OK, soon we’ll have those beautiful sunny winter days – but you don’t need to feel too jealous of my life this week. 😉  Happy Wednesday!

Photo of the day: Charlotte keeps an eye on me while I feed the boys.  Seriously, she follows me out there every day, just to make sure I don’t fall in the snow. When I’m done she follows me back to the gate then settles down in the main barn. ❤️charlotte-on-guard

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