Almost 2 feet and still snowing!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015  It’s just wrong to complain about snow when you live near the largest ski resort in North America, so we wont.  But holy moley it isn’t easy getting around to care for animals in this! lol  And Ed has plowed the driveway more these past few days than he did in the past 2 years! More snow all day today, we’ll surely sleep well tonight.  If this was the norm, I think we’d invest in snowmobiles!  Happy Wednesday!

Photo of the day: You might expect me to be sharing pictures of the snow, but it’s a challenge to walk out there let alone take photos. But I did get a beautiful shot of Charlotte in the haybarn waiting for me to fill the sleds. Look at those eyes. charlotte-dec22Meanwhile Matilda had to plow the paths for the house dogs so we wouldn’t lose them. LOLlost-tilly

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