December 3, 2015

Thursday, December 3, 2015  Today I’m packing for a quick weekend trip to visit my mom in Kentucky. Ed, with the help of Chief, Abby and Charlotte will be in charge here and do just fine I’m sure.  If you haven’t seen this video going around on the internet, I’ve added it to my video page … do watch it.  If you have aging parents, don’t wait to go visit them. So the on line store will be temporarily closed and I will ship any orders when I return on December 8. Have a good weekend!

Photo of the day: Last winter we added a heat lamp for Gideon who was not able to maintain his winter coat. This year Abby has taken it over and shares it with Betty the barn cat. Abby is 10 years old now, so we’re trying to be sure she is comfortable.abby-betty-heat-lamp

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