Snow Falling on

Tuesday, December 1, 2015  Yes those are snowflakes you see falling on the site today. It’s something that happens in December.  Just part of the Blue Moon magic.  😉 It’s below zero here this morning, I’ll be heading out with buckets of warm water once the sun comes up. Both barns have automatic waterers that keep the water from freezing, but the warm water really helps to keep the animals warm.  The dogs, cats and alpacas all love it! On really cold days they will drink down 5 gallons of warm water in an hour or two.  Not that I need an extra chore to do these days, but my focus of animal care has always been proactive. Do what it takes to keep them healthy rather than worry how to treat them if they get sick. 🙂  Happy Tuesday!

Photo of the day: Matilda doesn’t need warm water. She’s got the luxury of the warm house.matilda-nov30

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