Charlotte shows who’s boss :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015  We had some new cattle delivered next to us and my oh my Charlotte the new guardian really took her role of protector seriously!  Chief and Abby just watched her, they’ve seen cows before and didn’t figure it was worth expending the energy.  She raced the fence line, barked and jumped and make quite a ruckus.   I was impressed. 🙂  And Charlotte got some real good exercise!  She’s still keeping an eye on them but settled in to the idea that they will most likely stay on their side of the fence.

Photo of the day: One of the new cows… (I think a rather cute one!)cow-nov-23Not to worry, you’re all safe, says Charlotte 😉charlotte-and-cowsCharlotte asking if she did a good job. Yes you did, love.charlotte-nov24

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