A sad good bye, fond memories and new snow

Wednesday, November 11, 2015  We said our final good byes to dear old Goldie Hann yesterday. She knew how hard winter would be and she just would not get up. When our vet came out to help, she said Goldie had almost no blood pressure, and her final sleep came quickly. Goldie came to the USA in the 1993 import from South America so we figure she was at least 22 or 23 years old, maybe older. She leaves behind a legacy of many wonderful alpacas and we’re grateful we got to share in her life.
Today is Veterans Day. Won’t you take a minute and remember our veterans who serve and those who have served our country? I remember my dear dad who so proudly served in our Navy and Ed’s dad who served in World War I, he would be 123 years old today!

Photo of the day: The dogs like the new snow for sure, but Matilda, well she LOVES it!  5 inches so far, more next week.tilly-in-snow-nov152

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