Sharing the workload

Sunday, November 1, 2015  Today we’ll finish up the spreading of the compost that has been aging for 2 years. By we I mean Ed.  hehe  He flings sh#!t better than any one I know.  It does seem like a good thing to take the beans they drop for us all year and then compost it and use it to fertilize the pasture that they’ll eat from next spring. Don’t you agree?     Guardian dog update: Charlotte has been here a mere two weeks yesterday and is fitting in so well!  She barks at intruders, patrols the fence and undeniably loves her new job.  🙂  And finally Chief is catching up on his sleep.

Photo of the day: We used to worry that Chief was working all day and night.  But now we see more of this this from time to time. It’s good to share the work

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