Handling class success!

Sunday, October 25, 2015  We had a fun handling class yesterday! Even though I don’t usually start the babies until they’re 6 months or older, it went really well and 4 of them have now had their first halter experience and none were very difficult.  I think I’ll get the others started this week while the weather is still pleasant. Of course Scarlett helped by being a perfect alpaca as she let us put her halter on for a demonstration without a hitch – I think she even liked it. I might see if she’ll model some of my hats and scarves for me this week!  I’ve always wanted an alpaca model, and she just might be one! Happy Sunday!

Photo of the day: Baby Austin gets a little massage to help him calm down. Well done Jen!halter-classScarlett got plenty of attention yesterday too. scarlett-and-friends

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