RIP dear Thelma

Friday, October 23, 2015  I wasn’t even going to mention this, because I like to keep things upbeat, but we lost our dear old barn cat Thelma this week. She was 17 years old she lived a happy life with us.  Ed found her under a tree near the creek and it appeared that she just went to sleep. No injuries, no trauma. I wonder if cats have heart attacks?  RIP dear Thelma. Anyway my jaw dropped yesterday when I looked near that spot under the tree and there was a little calico kitten! We do have feral cats around so I shouldn’t have been that surprised, but her markings were so much like Thelma’s it shocked me. She let me get closer than some do, but when I came back with a little bowl of food, she was gone. Maybe she’ll be back, I kinda hope so.

Photo of the day: Can you see her hiding?kitty.hiding

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