Monday Morning Update

Monday, October 19, 2015  So far so good with Big Ginger.  What I’ve learned is she will not be confined to a small space!  I tried to keep her in a kennel that adjoins to a pen inside the barn when I couldn’t be right with her, but she’d find a way out every time.  But she has not tried to leave Blue Moon.  (update, yes she did.  3 times this morning, but came back when I called her)  The alpacas are slowly getting used to her and today we’ll do some work with her and the chickens (her weak spot in her job interview).  News from California is that Silver Lake is settling in nicely and ready to go to work! 😉  Happy Monday!

Photo of the day: There is something about 3 pyrs in the pasture that I just love.  L to R  Big Ginger, Chief and Abby.  I was so happy to see them all resting together! 3-pyrs-again

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