The job interview update

Sunday, October 18, 2015  Well the new Pyrenees girl came for her “job interview” yesterday.  She did OK, and considering that there were no other applicants, we’re letting her stay for a one week trial.  😉  Her name is Ginger, but that doesn’t work too well with our labradoodle Ginger having the same name, so we’re considering a name change, but for now she’s Big Ginger. It is very time consuming in the beginning to make sure a new guardian fits in, so I’ll be spending lots of time with her this week to give her the best chance to have it work out. 

Photo of the day: Big Ginger passing her cat test. 🙂bg3Big Ginger trying out the creek.bg4Big Ginger resting after her interview. 😉bg5Notice the pretty pink bandana she wore to meet us ❤️bg2

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