Black is beautiful

Thursday, September 10, 2015  When we first bought alpacas in 1998, I was drawn to the warm colors of browns and fawn for our new little herd.  I didn’t care much for the black ones, maybe because they were hard to photograph and I didn’t quite understand the fiber scene.  But over the years I’ve acquired a taste for the true black alpacas. (No not literally, we do not eat alpaca here!) We have added some very lovely true black alpacas to our herd and I get many compliments on our black fibers from the spinning and knitting community. Our little black baby girl born this year, Ciara, could be the best of all.  Her parents, Miranda (true black) and General Patton (true black) are the best we have! Happy Thursday!

Photo of the day: This is true black Asia who is almost ready for a date with General Patton, Oh my!asia-sept15

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