Re-doing Yaya’s Yarn Barn

Tuesday, August 25, 2015  They say we will be seeing rain later today and tomorrow. So I hope to find time to get the tractor out and clean the pastures before that happens.  Putting Yaya’s Yarn Barn back together after the Fiber Fair is going to take me longer than I thought, but I’m redesigning the whole place so it will be a better shopping experience for our visitors.  We have all sizes of our alpaca socks in stock as well as new gloves, hats and beanies!  Whoot!  The newly designed Yarn Barn will also have a wall for framed photos and note cards and I’m excited about that too.  Happy Tuesday!

Photo of the day: Rusty!  His luscious fleece added the warm caramel color to the “tiramisu” blend of our latest roving.rusty.aug25Can you see Rusty in this? Yes, this will be in the Yarn Barn too. Plus a few skeins that I have already spun.tiramisu

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