“Criations” of the day

Thursday, August 13, 2015  Today will be another breeding day.  A long long time ago, when we boarded our alpacas, I’d say to the woman who boarded them, “will you please get that girl bred!” Having absolutely no idea what that involved, and assuming it couldn’t be that hard.  Well now I know it’s more complicated that you think! Some girls have very specific thoughts on which male they’d like a date with, others like to play the “chase me first” game, and then he finds a more receptive girl during that game. Wish me luck and success with the business of the day. 😉 Happy Thursday!

Photo of the day: Please avert your eyes from today’s photo if you are at all prudish. 😉 This is Silver Lake “criating” a cria for next year with Minnie!  Can you see Smiley right next to Minnie waiting for a turn?lake.minnie

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