Why I missed the Arts Festival :)

Monday, August 3, 2015  Whew!  So glad I was here for this latest birth. Both legs stuck back and a very big baby as well. Angelica knew she needed help and did not resist at all when I approached her in the pasture. I was concerned when I saw the head but no feet, so after waiting just a bit (15 minute to be exact) I went in and found the knees coming first, rather than the toes as it should be. I got both legs out safely and then let mama push the rest of the way. I was also concerned that she (the baby) had very contracted tendons and could not put her feet on the ground to stand.  But some rigorous massage and stretching those tendons while she was all pliable made a big difference! She’s walking normally and looks great!  again… Whew! Oh did I mention it’s a GIRL? 😉 Happy Monday!

Photo of the day: Angelica’s new daughter.angelicababygirl15


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