A reality check

Tuesday, July 7, 2015   I posted this on our Facebook page yesterday, but thought perhaps I should post it here also in case our readers don’t check Facebook.

Somewhere I once read these words “The allure of farming has little to do with broken equipment and dead animals”. I think of that often as I try to share only the good stuff. But the reality is that bad stuff happens too. We lost 2 crias so far this year, both females and it breaks my heart to share it. Roxy’s baby girl was strangled by the placenta during birth and Delilah aborted her baby too early for it to survive. So we cherish the ones that make it, and grieve with the moms who don’t have a baby to love this year. And that’s the reality of it.

Photo of the day: Alpaca mamas really do love their babies so much.minnieligirl

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