Whose got the fleece?

Monday, June 8, 2015  We are officially on baby watch!  For me it’s kind of like hibernating, except that it’s in the summer. I go no where, but it’s really OK.  And I sure am loving watching those babies kicking inside their mama’s newly shorn bellies. Yesterday I watched Zariah’s baby do a somersault.  lol  Patchouli was the first one due on June 3, but I bet she will take a while longer to fully cook her little one. She was a bit underweight when she came to us last fall, and I think she will take a little longer to grow her baby. Miranda is the one I’ve got my eye on for now.


Photo of the day: Ummm, who took my fleece?” says Patchouli. 😉patchouliFTER.FaceIt’s not here! patchouli.afterOh, YOU took it!patchouli.fleeceIt’s one of the most unique fleeces we’ve ever seen and it will be for sale at our fleece buyers event on June 24!

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