RIP Gideon

Tuesday, June 2, 2015  I’m back from Kentucky.  I was quite concerned to see how much our dear old Gideon had deteriorated in the few days I was away.  You might have noticed that he is spending much more time in the girls’ porch area. So I’ve been watching for him to let me know when he’s had enough.  I think he told me that yesterday. He refused all food and showed me how hard it was for him to get his legs to even carry him to the water bowl. It was so hard for him even to stand up, and I got the message.  We will have the vet out this afternoon and have him join his brother Ajax at the rainbow bridge.
Photo of the day:  He served us well for more than 12 years.  Thank you Gideon, now rest in peace.gideon4.26

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