Finally feeling better

Wednesday, May 13, 2015  I try to care for myself the same way I care for my animals.  Eliminate stress,  eat right and get lots of rest.  Well, losing my dad, flying to Kentucky and all the details that came along with that, included more stress than I’ve had to handle in quite a while. Yes you guessed it, I got sick.  Today is the first day in a while that I feel human, and I hope to be fine by the weekend. I did see a doctor, it is bronchitis and I am taking my meds.  Lesson learned : #1  all the things I thought I had to get done this week that were so important, really aren’t.  And #2  getting my self back to good health is.

Photo of the day: Just a pretty sunset I saw on my way home last week at Jordanelle Reservoir.sunset.april30

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