A very persistent cat

Thursday April 23, 2015  Our two original barn cats, Thelma and Louise really don’t like dogs much.  They live with the guardian dogs, but never miss a chance to hiss at them when they can. how silly.  So when Chief arrived from the shelter in December 2012, it seemed just fine for them that he also hated cats.  The sounds he made trying to get to them even frightened me.  And it was so hard on Betty, our ‘found’ barn cat because she really does like dogs.  That was the winter that Betty trained me to carry her around! 🙂 The rest of the time she spent hiding from Chief.  But eventually Betty convinced Chief that she was a special cat and could even be a good friend. I was happy to find them resting together yesterday and snapped today’s photo on my iPhone. 

Photo of the day: They say a cat can almost always train a dog to see things her way.  I’m a believer!chief.betty

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