2015 babies

August 2,2015  Whew!  So glad I was here for this birth. Both legs stuck back and a very big baby as well. Angelica knew she needed help and did not resist at all when I approached her in the pasture. I was concerned when I saw the head but no feet, so after waiting just a bit ( 15 minute to be exact) I went in and found the knees coming first, rather than the toes as it should be. I got both legs out safely and then let mama push the rest of the way. I was also concerned that she (the baby) had very contracted tendons and could not put her feet on the ground to stand.  But some rigorous massage and stretching those tendons while she was all pliable made a big difference! She’s walking normally and looks great!  again… Whew! Oh did I mention it’s a GIRL? 😉  finale


July 21, 2105  Yay! Smiley finally delivered her cria on a perfect day – right at noon.  This is the first cria out of Stetson that we’ve seen here and I am thrilled. Packed with blinding bright white fleece and an adorable head, he’s a great addition to the cria crop this year, and so far our only white baby.  (SOLD)imhere


July 19, 2015 While I was busy skirting fleeces in the driveway, Piper delivered her baby without any encouragement from me at all!   The funny thing is I’ve been wondering if she was actually pregnant.  I saw no fetal movement, her belly was not that huge,  and she was quite a bit past her ‘due date’. This little guy is the blackest black we’ve had this year. Of course General Patton is the dad. Piper is being a great first time mom.  (SOLD)piprbaby


July 11, 2015 While we were cleaning out the girls barn, Queen Ester delivered a sweet little boy! And now she shall have her retirement party! 😉 Beautiful and very dense fleece on this little guy, we’ll have fun coming up with a perfect name.  Not even an hour old and already carrying a piece of grass in his mouth! LOL  We’re calling him James Brown.  (SOLD)queboy


July 2, 2015  A bit of a rough delivery, but wow this girl just knocks my socks off. Miranda, our tiniest mom, birthed a 21 pound cria, with a little help from me. Black crimpy fleece, gorgeous head and I could not be happier.  General Patton is the dad of this girl too.  Her name is Ciara. The name Ciara means – black and mysterious.mirandasgirl


July 1, 2015 We have another baby! Tinaja delivered a stunning little boy yesterday and wow, he looks like a miniature General Patton! Congratulations to Kathy and Kris on this new addition to their little herd!  He was up right away, nursing like a champ, and following his mom like he’s suppose to. His name is Black Jack!tinajaandboy



June 26, 2015  Late night babies must be in vogue this year! Zariah delivered hew cria at 1:30 am.  So actually he is a very very early morning baby.  23 pounds is huge for a first time mom, but she did great and is being a very attentive mom. He needed a coat on over night because it was a very chilly 54 degrees when he arrived. Born under the light of the moon, his name is …. Moonshine! (SOLD)

moonbeamAll dried off and ready to enjoy life.moonshine

June 22, 2015   Lola loves to have her babies at the end of the day.  That can present challenges when its too dark or cold, but last night was really perfect!  She avoided the heat of the day and the delivery was pretty quick. Born at 7 pm, he was up, nursing and running by 8:00 pm  Yay for healthy babies!  Congratulations to Andrea, who owns Lola.  His name is Pongo!lolasbabysweet face, not even 20 minutes old!lolababy2

June 14, 2015 We have another baby! Minnie delivered a beautiful baby girl about 8:30 am Sunday morning. 18.4 pounds and full of gorgeous golden fleece.  After a slow and at times stressful start, she is figuring out how to be a baby alpaca. Her name is Marigold.   minnieligirl


June 9, 2015  What a way to get started!   I love this little guy!  He’s a brother to our Silver Lake (same sire) and Patchouli is his dam.   20.2 pounds and very vigorous.  I predict a highly photographed alpaca in this one.  His name is Galahad.  Hard as it is for me to say this, he will be for sale! Let me know if you are interested. (SOLD)