Old but not weak

Friday, November 7, 2014  Well we had an interesting night last night when starting at about 1:00 am we heard all 3 guardian dogs doing some serious barking.  What alerted us was actually the barking of the house dogs who thought they were being called in for back up and howled to join the action. 🙄 The moon was bright enough that we could see them attacking some critter who forgot the rules about no uninvited critters allowed at Blue Moon Ranch.  We finally had to go outside and Ed ended the brawl with a shotgun.  It was a huge raccoon.  What was amazing was that it was so clear that Gideon, even at his advanced age, was the lead dog in the attack.   He’ll get an extra yummy meal this morning as I treat his wounds.  After that, I’ll decide how to spend my birthday. 🙂 Happy Friday!

Photo of the day:  The spirit in this old dog is just amazing.  Love you Gideon. ♥gideon4.26

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