Sunday August 24

Sunday, August 24, 2014 The Fiber Fair was a great success and if you missed it this year, never fear, next year it will happen all over again.  We’ve already paid our booth fee to be in the very same spot. :) Thanks to all who came and shopped and said Hi!   Now to unpack and rebuild it all inside Yaya’s Yarn Barn.    Meanwhile back at the ranch, the rains have sure kept things soggy!  All the animals look good this morning and pasture  cleanup will commence after it dries just a little  more. Happy Sunday!

Photo of the day: Even though we did have a friend come to stay here for a while, here are 3 reasons we don’t worry too much when we are away for a bit during the day.  Someone took this photo last year and is using for her blog. guardians20142


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