Pregnant or not?

Saturday, May 31, 2014  This time of year everyone asks me which ones are pregnant. And you might think it’s a simple answer, but it’s not.  I can tell you what female was bred to which male on exactly what day last year, but over the years I’ve learned not to be too confident with my predictions. We’ve had vets do ultrasounds that have been wrong, I have sent in blood tests, observed behavior, and I remember what my late friend Rick Horn used to say, “The only 100% positive pregnancy test for alpacas is when you see a nose and toes appearing!”    So I have my hunches, I am pretty sure which babies I’ve seen moving and then there is the growing belly indicator.  But after 15 years of breeding alpacas, I do believe Rick Horn’s words. 🙂

Photo of the day: Believe it or not, I am not sure what this girl is hiding in that belly. What do you think?pregornot

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