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Thursday, May 29, 2014  A little bit of sad news today.  About an hour after we got home on Tuesday, Delilah delivered a tiny black cria.  The problem is she was not due until 8/7/14.  No way could one born that early survive. 🙁  It breaks my heart to have this happen, but Delilah is the one who suffers most.  Alpaca moms are wonderful moms and they mourn deeply when their baby doesn’t survive.  She will mourn for him for about 2 weeks before she keeps her grief more inside.  I doubt she will ever really forget. Sorry about the sad update but such is life on the farm sometimes.

I know from experience if the mom sees me remove the body of the cria, she will be upset with me for a very long time. So it’s best to leave it with her until she makes the decision to walk away. But we have aggressive magpies who had noticed it, and I knew Delilah might just stay with the body for a while. So I partially covered it with the towel I used to carry it into the barn.  Gradually I covered more and more of the body, til eventually only one tiny foot was exposed. Delilah was holding her vigil and knew her baby was there.  About 5 hours later I offered her some food and when she got up to eat I whisked the cria away while she wasn’t looking. She soon went back to the towel to hold an all night vigil. Sometimes you just have to do what works.  Yes, the towel is still there today and she still sits beside it. 🙁

Photo of the day: A winter photo of Delilah who needs time to heal.delilahfeb22a

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  1. Christina Oppenheimer

    So sorry Delila. Our season didn’t start well either. Our Alexandria lost twins. It broke my heart to watch her grieve. Best to you all at Blue Moon.

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