Dating age ;)

Thursday May 22, 2014  A question I am often asked is ‘at what age are alpacas ready for breeding?’.  As with most things alpaca, it’s not a simple answer.  With females, I look at their months of age similar to a human in years. So a 16 month old alpaca is similar to a 16 year old human.  Yes, I suppose she could get pregnant, but it might be best for both mom and baby if she matures a little more. There are always exceptions, the female who matures early or appears full grown at a year old, but I generally err on the side of “let’s wait”.  And the boys? Some of our boys have taken 4 years to fully mature, others are ready at 2.  Alpacas do have a way of teaching us patience!

Photo of the day:  Handsome Silver Lake will have a full schedule when he’s ready! 😉 lake5.19.14

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