Dogs in class

Friday April 18, 2014  Chief and Abby thought having 26 kids here yesterday was the best thing ever.  Gideon thought it was OK.  (give the guy a break, he is almost 11 :))  When the kids were told to get in a circle, Chief sat right in the circle next to his new best buds.  And Abby got so many awesome belly rubs, she was in heaven. Stetson the alpaca had his PR debut and did so well!  Not too many alpacas tolerate a bunch of kids petting them all at once, but he was perfect. And our visitors learned about alpacas, and their guardians and how we use the fiber from the alpacas.  Today is pasture vacuuming day … we must have it as clean as possible for the Easter bunny this weekend. 😉

Photo of the day: Some photos from our visit yesterday. Can you see Chief in the first photo?chiefgostoclass




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