Old Farmer Wisdom

Tuesday, March 25, 2014  Old farmer wisdom is something that really intrigues me.  (Well except when they say to give an animal chewing tobacco to restore cud .. ick) But anyway, with planting etc. they are usually right on. Well, old farmers in these parts say the best time to plant grass seed is in February on top of the snow.  really.  So I did.   I think the idea is, you can see where it goes, and it won’t germinate til the warm weather comes and by then you won’t have to do out in the mud to seed.   Now that the snow has melted I can see that my seed is kind of where it should be, I’ll fill in a few more spots today, before more snow comes tomorrow!

Photo of the day: One of the leftovers from the old farmers in my neighborhood.woodlandblg2

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